Saturday, February 7, 2009

Maya's new born (min pin) babies- 2-7-09

Maya gave birth to her first puppy at a little after 3:00am this morning.
She gave birth to her last and fifth puppy at a little after 6:00am.
Three Boys and Two girls.
She is a great mother!

Super cute new baby boy
Two so far...

Licking them all clean!

Three and counting

The pups gettin' their drink on!

Staying warm!

Our poor boy that was born with a cleft palate and his ears had not developed all the way either.
He could not nurse very well and was half the size of the other puppies.
Sad to say that he did not make it. :o(
Same puppy as above

Next one to get cleaned up...


Time to nurse again!

Maya waiting for the next one, as her two new boys eat.

All Five puppies

Super cute baby face!

What a good mommy!
All set up in her new "condo". Now she can relax....oh wait, she is a mother now!
We will post new pics as the puppies get older...check back! :o)

February 8, 2009-pics


  1. Congratulations Maya!! Great job! I look forward to having my baby next Friday (but just one - not FIVE!). Here's hoping they are nice babies.

  2. Congrats hope the pups r doin well. I just purchased a "min pin" pup. I say that because Im convinced hes mixed with something. Oh well still gona make a good companion. Anyways take care.

    puffdaddy Seattle WA.

  3. Awww , well my dog just gave birth !
    & i really don't know what to do .
    Are we allowed to touch the puppies ?
    Do we clean them or bathe them ?
    for a response , please !
    i need to know what i need to do ;)

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